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Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group (PWMG), a boutique marketing and PR agency in Aurora, IL

Pete Wiltjer, formerly president of the The Bradley Wiltjer Marketing Group (BWMG), has renamed the company Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group (PWMG).

PWMG looks to the future with confidence. As the agency rebrands itself, the process is being followed on’s Daily Dose. The series, Marketing by Example, offered the website’s readers a front-row seat as the agency tackles the challenge of introducing a new company name and new image.

“We thank our existing customers for not minding the dust that is being kicked up as we introduce a new company name, and look forward to serving many new companies in 2009,” said Pete Wiltjer, president.

One thing that will not change under the new name: PWMG will continue to serve companies in the enterprise software, management consulting (research and survey organizations) and professional services markets (including global sourcing and industrial/manufacturing consulting).

April 13, 2009

New headquarters: 810 Commerce Street, Aurora IL, 60504
New website:

This award-winning agency demonstrates through the series that it is confident in its own abilities to create buzz for its clients by being featured in a six-part series in a national business media blog.



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